Upcoming Auditions


Mon­day, Octo­ber 28th,
11:00 AM- 7:00 PM
Break from 2:30 – 3:30 PM

Make an appoint­ment by email­ing auditions@atlantalyrictheatre.com

Please pre­pare 32 bars of a musi­cal the­atre song in the style of the show. Bring your sheet music in your key. Accom­pa­nist pro­vid­ed but if you play a musi­cal instru­ment and wish to accom­pa­ny your­self that is great! You may be asked to dance.

**No Video Submissions**

Jen­nie T. Ander­son The­atre
548 South Mari­et­ta Pkwy SE,
Mari­et­ta, GA 30060

Music and Lyrics by: Roger Miller
Book by William Haupt­man
Adapt­ed from the nov­el by Mark Twain
Present at Audi­tion: Direc­tor- David Koté Chore­o­g­ra­ph­er- Mered­ith Moore Music Direc­tor- Chris­t­ian Mag­by Artis­tic Direc­tor- Mary Nye Ben­nett

Call­backs TBA
First Rehearsal: March 16th, 2020
Open­ing: Fri­day April 10, 2020
Morn­ing Stu­dent Mat­inée: Fri­day April 17, 2020
Clos­ing: Sun­day April 26, 2020

Character Breakdown

Huck­le­ber­ry Finn: (LEAD; 18 – 28; Male; Tenor) Bright, hope­ful, mis­chie­vous. Play­ful and spon­ta­neous, yet has integri­ty and a good heart. In the end though, he prefers free­dom to “domes­tic” life.

Jim: (LEAD; 20 – 45; Male; Baritone/​Tenor) Strong willed, com­pas­sion­ate. Pow­er­ful pres­ence. Has great integri­ty. He is a great man. African Amer­i­can.

Wid­ow Dou­glas: (30−65; Female; Alto/​Mezzo) A strict but lov­ing woman who takes Huck in and rais­es him. Char­ac­ter actress.

Miss Wat­son: (30−60; Female; Mez­zo-Sopra­no) Wid­ow Dou­glas’ sis­ter. A strict and tra­di­tion­al woman that helps to raise Huck.

Tom Sawyer: (16−24; Male; Bari­tone) Huck’s friend. Adven­tur­er, clever, great sto­ry­teller, ener­getic, enjoy­able, but often over­ly dra­mat­ic and prefers the com­pli­cat­ed path.

The Duke: (30−55; Male; Tenor) A Comedic Role. A bro­ken down actor turned con artist – con­niv­ing. Requires an excel­lent actor. Strong singer and char­ac­ter actor, true enter­tain­er.

The King: (35−55; Male; Bari­tone) An escaped con­vict and con artist, part­ners with The Duke. Strong char­ac­ter actor. He is larg­er than life.

Judge Thatch­er: (35−65; Male; Bass) A man with high respect for the let­ter of the law. Author­i­ty fig­ure, prop­er.

Pap Finn: (30−45; Male; Bass/​Baritone) Huck’s no-good alco­holic father who aban­doned him some time ago. Rough, crass char­ac­ter. Returns to col­lect on Huck’s trust fund. Strong char­ac­ter actor with a good comedic sense.

Aunt Sal­ly: (30−60; Female; Must Sing) Tom Sawyer’s aunt Sal­ly. Strict, yet has a heart.

Uncle Silas: (35−60; Male; Must Sing) Tom Sawyer’s uncle Silas. A strong man who strives to do what he thinks is right.

Ben, Hank, & Jo Harp­er: (16−20; Male; Must sing and dance) Huck and Tom’s School­mates and friends. Mis­chie­vous. Pugna­cious. Comedic.

Mary Jane Wilkes: (18−30; Female; Mez­zo-Sopra­no) The griev­ing, kind­heart­ed, sweet and pret­ty daugh­ter of the wealthy Peter Wilkes, who recent­ly passed away. Falls for Huck.

Susan Wilkes: (18−30; Female; Strong har­monies) Sweet, kind, must be able to hold strong har­monies. One of the Wilkes sis­ters who lost their father, search­ing for con­so­la­tion and clo­sure.

Joan­na Wilkes: (18−30; Female; Strong har­monies) One of the Wilkes Sis­ters who lost their father, search­ing for con­so­la­tion and clo­sure.

Young Fool: (18−30; Male; High Baritone/​Tenor) A young man who just loves to talk and gos­sip. Strong char­ac­ter and ener­gy a plus.

Alice: (30−40; Female; Must sing) Strong singer with strong act­ing skills. Must han­dle and sing well pow­er­ful and soul­ful gospel songs. Great pres­ence. African-Amer­i­can slave sold and sep­a­rat­ed from her daugh­ter.

Alice’s Daugh­ter: (18−25; Female; Gospel/​Belter) Slave sold and sep­a­rat­ed from her moth­er. Must hold har­monies well.

Ensem­ble: (20−35; Male & Female) Hank, Lafe, Doc­tor, Andy, Sher­iff Bell, Har­vey Wilkes, Coun­selor Robin­son, Strange Woman, Ser­vants, Towns­peo­ple. Mul­ti­ple Roles may be played by the same actor.


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